Welcome to Penbro Estate

The history of Penbro Wines
The Bertalli family established a 40ha premium cool climate vineyard in 1997 on their 600ha Black Angus cattle farm (from which the name Penbro comes). The Bishop family purchased the property in 2012 and continued the established tradition of farming and quality grape growing. 

The vineyards are high up in the rolling hills of the Great Dividing Range, flanked by the Toolangi Forest and the alluvial plains of the Yea River,
halfway between Yarra Glen and Yea. The Bertalli well chosen vines lend themselves to the chemical reduced sustainable farm practices adopted
throughout all of the Carringbush farming.

As we are a small boutique vineyard we have limited supplies of six varieties. Our rich red wines and elegant crisp and refreshing whites are a true expression of the Penbro Estate region. We are passionate about producing quality wines.